About me

I am a physical oceanographer and currently a Ph.D. candidate in oceanography in the Oceanographic Institute of the Federal University of the Rio Grande (FURG-Brazil), advised by Prof. Mauricio M. Mata.

The focus of my research is the large-scale ocean circulation and its effect on climate, with particular focus on the following topics: polar climate, past and future large-scale circulation, and interactions between sea ice, deep circulation, and atmosphere.

On a side note… I am passionate about photographing landscapes and macros (often doing that during fieldwork). So check my 500px page if you would like to see some photos of Antarctica and other cool places!


  • Feb-2021 - Paper published in Scientific Reports - Check out my new paper in which reconstruct the freshwater discharge that triggered the 8.2 kyr event, by using a model-proxy comparisson of oxygen isotope ratios.
  • Aug-2020 - Paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews - Check out my new paper on how past ocean overturning changes affected the South American Mosoons during the 8.2 kyr event.
  • Fev-2020 - Presentation at Ocean Science Meeting - I’ll be presenting my new work on the effects of the 8.2 kyr event in South America and the South Atlantic on Ocean Science meeting in San Diego- California. Come check it it the poster section!
  • 2018 - Magazine Publication - Do you want to know a little more about the issues South America is suffering regarding conserving its paleo and scientific history? Check out this magazine paper on “Que Pasa?”, page 12.


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